The One –  K-Brown (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is easy to see why K-Brown is getting offers across Europe for collaborations and co-writes, as, even on first spin, The One feels like a song that you have been listening to for half your life. Maybe more! And it is that ability to mix freshness and familiarity which is the missing link in a lot of today’s music. No matter what musical gimmicks and sonic shenanigans an artist pours into the music, the ability to make it sound like a classic right off the bat is obviously a neat skill to have.

But K-Brown also puts so much more into his songs. There is an infectiousness to The One, couple that with a chorus that you can’t help singing along to and a groove that I defy you not to dance too and you have a great combination. Wandering between wonderful highs and subtle lows you could almost say it has an anthemic quality but it is also gentle in its execution… gently anthemic? Is that not an oxymoron? Who cares, gentle anthems are here to stay and The One is now the template for this newly defined sonic species.

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