Time is Absurd (Favorite Song) – The Pierce Project (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You can’t help but be pulled back into an earlier time when listening to Time is Absurd. It’s the Summer of Love, hair is long, love is free, but there is something dark on the horizon. And in between that season of hippy happiness and the dark end of the decade, The Pierce Project sound like the world weary, cold come down that links one to the other. In a good way. It also chimes with an even earlier sound as The Kinks wonderful little kitchen sink narratives and strange social commentary also echo at its heart and Ray Davies mercurial band of songsters is a pretty great reference point if you ask me.

Musically it is hypnotic in its mid-pace, mid-range dynamic, never breaking the spell by suddenly shifting a gear or heading off to explore new musical ground, instead preferring to take one sonic idea to its logical conclusion. Retro tinged for sure but rather than plundering or plagiarising the past The Pierce Project instead reinvents it in its own image, and that is always a fun thing to do.

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