You see the word “dystopian” and you brace yourself for some sort of metal onslaught of industrial noise tsunami, well, I do at least. But right from the first track, you realise that Tony Levitas is way above such done-to-death approaches. Post Dystopian Love Songs is actually a cool collection of songs which wander around the cross-over of rock and pop and take in so much more besides.

The Way You Give Yourself To Me is a cool, off-beat, slice of acoustic alt-pop, The Shape of My Soul is a country groover and Surround Her is a Nick Cave-style waltz…a combination of slightly edgy atmospherics and infectiousness. Things play out with Lifeline, another song with a personality of its own, a bit blues, a bit country, a bit rock…a bit clever.

Tony Levitas has a way of taking familiar musical sounds and bending them into new shapes to create his own songs, which is why things sound both very accessible and wonderfully adventurous at the same time. Things aren’t broken, he hasn’t felt the need to fix them…what he does do is give them a cool make-over and send them off into new pastures. What a smart chap he is.

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