The title might suggest something of a country nature, and there is a country thread running through this album, but that is only one small part of what is going on. The title track that kicks things off is forged from heavy blues, alt-country and melodic rock ‘n’ roll and comes barrelling out of the starting gate with all the confidence and confrontational swagger you always hope for in an opening salvo.

You Look Like I Need A Beer plays a more country card but in the same way that the likes of Tommy Hale might play it, as much foot-on-the-monitor rock and roll as anything else, Not My Monkey leans into more soulful yet incendiary vibes and Back On The Blues is heartfelt and full of languid grace.

Someone once told me that the difference between country and Americana is the boots – the former is played in shiny cowboy boots, the latter scuffed and dirty work boots, Well, if that is the case you need to be careful not to step in the dirt of honest musical toil which falls from this album at every step.

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