Misty Mound – West of Corey (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If their new album Slammed promises “an eclectic bonanza of acoustic rock, blues, hard rock and metal tracks” then Misty Mound certainly lies towards the latter genres on that list. Well, definitely more hard rock than heavy metal and revealing in a classic sound, that perfect mix of rock and groove, funky beats and raw melody. It’s a sound that has been with us since rock became a clearly identifiable sibling of rock ’n’roll, it echoes with the sound of Zeppelin’s bluesy roots, Black Crowes earthy tones and Black Keys more modern reworkings of the genre.

Barely a year goes by that the music press is announcing that guitar music is dead or that the rock genre is ready for a makeover but of course they are wrong. Misty Mound is the timeless sound of rock music and it is clear that it aint broke, it don’t need fixing. What the band do instead is make a proud statement that you don’t have to try and change things, hop genres, fuse styles or any of that progressive shenanigans, you just need to accept that the formula is about as good as it is gonna get and just become good and working with those sonic building blocks. And they are good. Very good indeed.  

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