We Are One – Mesa Jane feat. Kuf Knotz (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If this were a one word review that word would be “delicate.” Given a slightly more roomy word count and language such as “graceful” and “eloquence” would start cropping up, thankfully I have a bit more room to elaborate. Mesa Jane makes wonderfully restrained, piano-led, alternative pop and it is the combination of her chiming, neo-classical lines and her crystal vocals with the contemporary electronica and shimmering pop motifs which create a sound which is as charming as it is commercially viable. Two ends of the creative spectrum which rarely share much common ground.

Mesa Jane’s ethereal tones blend wonderfully with the ultra-modern pop sonics that she scatters around her and the result is a song which is wonderfully unique, being both forward thinking and respectful of the past. Kuf Knotz rap section adds yet another dimension to the song but to be fair I was sold on the song long before he joined the musical fray. If you think that pop has fallen into a lazy holding pattern, that one song is starting to sound very much like the last, then Mesa Jane’s dream-state pop delicacies are exactly what you need in your life.

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