In The Valley  – Twin Lakes (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Twin Lakes makes music which is a bit like holding a gem up to the light. Turn it one way and it seems to contain certain colours and patterns, turn it another way and a different image appears. And so it is with this trio and their sonic footprint. Depending on how you approach In The Valley you will hear Mountain music, folk rock, campfire country songs gentle bluegrass and, once the song kicks up a gear around halfway through, a chiming, spacious and dreamlike indie sound.

And that is a neat thing to be able to do, not quite all things to all people but certainly enough boxes ticked that their sound should have a wide-ranging appeal. Even more great is that this deft blend of familiarity and freshness never seems forced, in fact quite the opposite, appearing lazy, laidback and lilting, like this is the sort of music which just oozes out of the band when they are not even trying. Who needs forced charm when you can have natural beauty…if you know what I mean.

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