Voo Doo – The Jorgensens (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Husband and wife duo, The Jorgensens, have always been good at finding their inspirations in some long passed, classic sounds and then adding their own polish and poise, integrity and originality so that the end result is modern music for nostalgic hearts. They wander through the early days of contemporary music, gathering jazz vibes and blues threads and then weave them together with soulfulness and, ironically, space.

And it is their ability to use space as the glue which holds everything perfectly suspended which is a neat trick to pull off. It means that between their deft and delicate guitar lines, meandering brass fuelled melodies and exquisite vocals, there is room for everything to percolate properly. This room to breathe, this space to brew and strengthen in taste and richness results in some gorgeous textures. It is in the intake of breathe between one lyrical line and the next, in the lingering fade outs before the next note approaches, in these sonic pools and musical undercurrents that atmosphere and anticipation blooms. 

It is from these places behind, between and beyond the music itself that the real power comes. It feels like a duet with the universe, The Jorgensens providing the tangible musical elements and the powers that be accompanying them in the most emotive and otherworldly of ways. Or perhaps they are just really good at what they do. It depends on how you think the universe works I guess.

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