In The Dark – The Jorgensens (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although more often found weaving together musical building blocks with a more nostalgic and classic sound, In The Dark reminds us that, just like everyone else, The Jorgensens live in and are affected by the events of the modern world. Musically it embraces a much more contemporary sound, albeit one built around brooding cello undercurrents and lingering, haunted musical understatements.

It is less a call to arms than a call to unity, and although the video features plenty of flash-point imagery, the message is one of solidarity. It is about empathy and understanding for each other no matter the colour, culture or creed, a reminder that we are indeed all in this together and that change comes through a multitude of small decisions made by ordinary people.

Rabble rousing calls to action might make for great headlines and grab short-lived notoriety but it is songs such as this which are the soundtrack and hopefully inspiration for making the world a better place. It isn’t about throwing bricks it is about shining lights, not about revolution but evolution, not about opposition but understanding. It is about building bridges rather than walls.

If you are inspired by anything in this song, moved by anything in this video then it has already made a difference, already altered the world, even in the smallest of ways. It’s that easy!


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