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That Was The Musical YEAR That Was -2020

This final playlist of the year is an overview of the things I have been writing about here at DAA. Partly compiled from the...

That Was The Musical Week That Was – 150820

Another week of working with cool sounds made by even cooler people. Here are some of the finest moments. Check them out, buy some...

In The Dark – The Jorgensens (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although more often found weaving together musical building blocks with a more nostalgic and classic sound, In The Dark reminds us that, just like...

Voo Doo – The Jorgensens (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Husband and wife duo, The Jorgensens, have always been good at finding their inspirations in some long passed, classic sounds and then adding their...

The Lexington Stretch – The Jorgensens (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

Husband and wife duo The Jorgensens (made up of Kurt Jorgensen and Brianna Tagg-Jorgensen) have the right to call themselves popular and successful as...

Storyville –  The Jorgensens (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The story of The Jorgensens is a story of love, both of a shared love of music and a growing emotional connection which blossomed...