The story of The Jorgensens is a story of love, both of a shared love of music and a growing emotional connection which blossomed as that music was explored and created together. I’m not saying that music this sleek, this wonderfully emotive, this seemingly effortless, can only be made by people who know each other well enough to compliment each other musically, emotional and spiritually, but I’m sure it helps. The song itself, Storyville, is both a homage and continuation of a classic blues sound, shot through with just enough jazzy touches and soulful vibes to mark it out from the competition, most of which is happy just to plagiarise, parody and plunder from the source.

The Jorgensens are much smarter than that, and this is a celebration, a torch being held aloft and a bridge to the future for a golden age sound. Throw in a video that references a host of nostalgia, lyrics which nod to the important people and places of the genre and you have a brilliantly reverential song but importantly one which sounds like the product of the here and now too. Very clever.

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