If I recall correctly, I described Slow Burning Car’s earlier album, Projection, as that “rarest of things, an intelligent rock album.” Well, Vicarious Disclosures proves that not only have they not lost their touch but, but if anything, have set themselves even higher benchmarks for what modern hard rock can be.

The brilliantly titled Crime Minister is the perfect blend of smart and reactionary lyrics running on heavy, bass-driven, riff-soaked sonics; Cyanide Planes has a more punky feel, deep and observant lyrics paired with buoyant pace and musical purpose and Millionaire’s snarky lyrics ebbs and flows between vibrant R’n’B grooves and punchy rock, breezy brass and urban breakdowns… as songs go, its got it all. There is even room for an acoustic ballad courtesy of Wasted Years which makes for a great change of pace and pathos.

I often wonder why, given the state of the world, there isn’t more music that questions those who call the shots. Why more bands done make music that holds our politicians to account, that speak truth to power, ask the difficult questions, and point at things that the powers-that-be would rather not have us know about. Well, at least I can now sleep safe in the knowledge that one band is doing so. And who knows what one band can become – a sonic cheerleader, an idea, a wave of discontent, the first to storm the barricades, an instigator, a movement???

Wouldn’t that be something?

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