Aah, the summer, where did you go? One minute she was there and the next it’s all falling leaves and darker mornings. But rejoice because summer is out and about in audio form thanks to Rudi Creswick and jazz vocalist Ni Maxine and the result is warm, sun-soaked afternoons in the park where friends nod their heads and keep their thoughts to themselves because ‘Dark Days Are Done’ is a complete vibe.

Totally immersive and a bona fide ear worm what the combined talents of Creswick and Maxine have done is create a cool soundscape with positive notes. It reminds me of early 90’s Massive Attack with smooth lyrics set against pitch perfect synth and effects.

Cool percussion with that voice… for those that aren’t aware of Ni Maxine, she is a neo-jazz singer – in other words, is a modern singer – and has a sound that bridges old and new, taking in tones from the greats of Billie Holiday, Casandra Wilson but also bringing the voice bang up to date and sounding familiar but also new at the same time. I know it sounds confusing but give her a listen and you’ll see what I mean, there is a quality to her voice that would suit big band, intimate jazz club and things like this, where the voice is as crucial as the music.

If you want one last afternoon of the sunshine, but you want to enjoy it with friends, on your back, sipping a drink and soaking up the good vibrations, play this track. Chilled out perfection.


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