Projection – Slow Burning Car (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I remember waxing lyrical over album opener Public Cynic before, and rightly so, its kick-arse riffs and timely, rabble-rousing qualities make for a great opening salvo here. But one killer track does not an album make. Thankfully, it soon becomes clear that the band know what they are doing and the album is a sonically exploratory and marvellous experience.

Diamond In The Rough brings a few New Wave vibes to a hard rock sound, The Quantum Mariner, is a roaring, racing slice of fast-paced sci-fi rock and roll and there is even room for more studied and subtle Spanish-North African infused folk with the gorgeous and graceful Meraki.

It is perhaps the subjects that Slow Burning Car chose to write about which makes them far from your typical rock band. Modern politics, dimension travel, space ecology and, perhaps best of all, the punky Memoirs of a Gentleman Ghost, a sonic memoir from the American Revolution and the aftermath, and indeed afterlife, of actions taken.

Projection is the rarest of things, an intelligent rock album.

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