Monday, October 2, 2023
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Vicarious Disclosures – Slow Burning Car (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If I recall correctly, I described Slow Burning Car's earlier album, Projection, as that "rarest of things, an intelligent rock album." Well, Vicarious Disclosures...

That Was The Week That Was – 201321

Here we go again. A sample of the aural delights which have swirled around the office this week. As always please check out the...

Projection – Slow Burning Car (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I remember waxing lyrical over album opener Public Cynic before, and rightly so, its kick-arse riffs and timely, rabble-rousing qualities make for a great...

Public Cynic – Slow Burning Car (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even before the lyrics kick in you feel as if you have almost got your money’s worth from Slow Burning Car's latest release. A...

Soul Crimes – Slow Burning Car (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The world is a small place; we know that and if you need proof just listen to today’s music. Gone are the purely geographical...