If a song makes you feel as if you have been listening to it your whole life, something that you perhaps picked up from your parents vinyl collection, especially if your parents happened to be a couple of folkies who met at Woodstock, then it is a special sort of song. Tomorrow is a special sort of song and no mistake.

Sophie Dorsten‘s new single may be drenched in modern day indie vibes and dreamy, contemporary pop production but it also feels like it is a long forgotten gem on an old vinyl album that you found in a box of old records in the attic where it was rubbing shoulders with the likes of Carole King and Joni Mitchell. Tomorrow’s sepia drenched tones and sun-dappled sonic hues seems out of step with the beat of the modern music industry drum, but that is what makes her even more precious and perhaps even more important.

It gently chimes and effortlessly shimmers, lazily drifts and aimlessly dallies, it prefers to be warm when everyone else is trying merely to be cool and it tugs nostalgic heartstrings that the artist herself is too young to even remember. How great is that?

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