I’m Just Human – Lukas Rossi  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

He may have got his step up fronting Rock Star Supernova after winning the show of the same name, getting to rub shoulders with the great and the good of the rock world along the way, but that doesn’t mean that Lukas Rossi can’t turn out a neat anthemic yet balladic pop song too. And that is exactly what this John Fryer produced I’m Just Human is. 

The word Pop might conjure images of production line, dance routine driven, throw away, saccharine silliness but it used to have an integrity about it and Rossi’s blending of anthemic indie cool and pop accessibility is proof that it isn’t impossible to return this much maligned genre to such a redemptive state again.

I’m Just Human is a sweeping affair, it is driven by a great dynamic, goes big when it needs to catch your attention, adopts hushed tones when it wishes to lull the listener and is filled with wonderful sentiment and relatability. 

Remember when pop had something to say? Lukas Rossi does.

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