It was great to hear Sophie Dorsten’s collaboration with 3Mind Blight recently, the resulting Reflections seeming to be a musical creation that was so much more than the sum of its very different artists. But it is still great to have her back making the deft and delicate music that is slowly becoming her signature sound.

Until June feels like it is peak Dorsten, taking the cinematic indie vibes, the ambient dreamscapes, the pop melodicism and the expressive and thoughtful lyrics of her previous songs and weaving together a song that could probabaly act as a sonic resume and calling card for her as an artist.

Not only is it a gorgeously lilting, gently waltzing piece of indie pop, one oozing both with warm summer vibes and chilled grace, but it is also the sound of an artist finding and exploring their sound to the fullest. Not to say that what has good before was in any way not hitting the mark, most artists would kill to have any one of her songs in their back catalogue. But this feels like everything coming together, a real step up, a raising of personal benchmarks.

And, as good as the music is, the understated dance it follows, the space it allows itself, the way that it moves from gently picked guitars to more soaring sonics, the icing on the cake is Sophie Dorsten’s voice and particularly her ability to sound intimate and dreamlike at one end of the vocal spectrum but show real control and confidence at the other.

In a series of great songs so far, Until June sees her totally hitting her stride. And if she can produce songs this well-crafted at this stage in her career, imagine what she will be doing in a year from now…or ten! It’s going to be worth following her career closely to find out.

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