Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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That Was The Musical Week That Was – 260621

Again, it has been a while between playlists so expect this one to be longer than usual, but no less full of great music...

Until June – Sophie Dorsten (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

  It was great to hear Sophie Dorsten's collaboration with 3Mind Blight recently, the resulting Reflections seeming to be a musical creation that was so...

That Was The Musical Week That Was – 010521

As there was no playlist last week, this one is playing catchup, so there is twice as much cool music for you to check...

Reflections feat Sophie Dorsten – 3Mind Blight (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

  Although the singles which have passed under my pen so far, Tomorrow and Roses, showed a dreamy pop side to Sophie Dorsten, you could...

Tomorrow –  Sophie Dorsten (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If a song makes you feel as if you have been listening to it your whole life, something that you perhaps picked up from...

Roses – Sophie Dorsten (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Blurring the lines between folk, dream-pop and chart accessibility, Roses, the title track of her EP, is a charming and graceful calling card. It...