Monday, October 2, 2023
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That Was The Musical Week That Was – 280522

A great week for live and recorded music and with a few tours I'm working on about to happen there is more music going...

In Between – Monotronic (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As well as being a wonderfully euphoric slice of music, this latest single from Monotronic is also quite deft and dexterously put together. There...

Livin’ In A Lie – Monotronic (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Funky! Yes, with an exclamation mark. That's the word for this latest track from Monotronic. But funky in the most contemporary of ways, being...

Just Another Day – Monotronic (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Combining hi-energy, dancefloor-ready grooves with the sort of lyricism that you normally find more in the indie spectrum, Just Another Day feels like the...