Livin’ In A Lie – Monotronic (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Funky! Yes, with an exclamation mark. That’s the word for this latest track from Monotronic. But funky in the most contemporary of ways, being a fusion of analogue grooves and digital sonic moves. And it is a fusion that not only works but works brilliantly. The bass is busy in the background, grounding the song in old-school familiarity and around it, is a swirl of soulful guitar licks and waves and washes of scintillating synths and swelling organ sounds gather and grow.

It’s the perfect blend of old and new. You can hear all manner of classic soul sounds in its tones and textures and it echoes with some wonderful…even Stevie Wonder-ful…funky sonic moments. But there is a freshness that the more cutting edge and contemporary way of doing things also bring to the party…and a party this certainly is…and it is this perfect storm of freshness and familiarity that makes this such a great song.

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