Just Another Day – Monotronic (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Combining hi-energy, dancefloor-ready grooves with the sort of lyricism that you normally find more in the indie spectrum, Just Another Day feels like the best of both worlds. It comes as no surprise that at the core of Monotronic you find someone who has wandered the world and studied how it works, this is most definitely music which is the product of someone with more life experience than you would get just hanging around clubs and studios.

And, unlike most songs which fall into similar genres, it is the lyrics which are the unexpected focal point. Intelligent and intriguing narratives, slightly reminiscent of early Talking Heads perhaps, are swathed in the more expected sweet, dance-pop choruses to channel both meaning and poignancy and easy access.

The video also marks this out as something different from its competitors. A piece of narrative art in its own right, it plays with everything from the normality of everyday existence to the idea of people swapping places and living out each other’s lives. A far cry from the usual found footage or self-aggrandisement imagary which is the usual go to in such genres.

Just the music alone would be enough to win favour, hypnotic and groovesome, sitting somewhere between indie cool and dancefloor exuberance but add in the great lyrical flow and the video which lifts those ideas off the page and you have a song which is as musically unexpected as it is creatively ground-breaking.

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