Text Me – Only Child (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Not all art has to poignant or powerful, some of the most iconic and memorable is also fun and frivolous, this is especially true of music. Songwriter and producer, Only Child, certainly makes music which falls into such a category but to look down on such music would be to massively miss the point of songs like Text Me.

Sure, it is lyrically light and musically to the point but that is what also makes it fun and infectious. It plays with confident beats and heightened grooves, is easy-going and accessible, not to mention easy on the ear. It skitters along on trap-dance infusions, 80’s vibes, wraps itself in epic electronic punctuation and rides a great musical dynamic from soothing and intimate lows to crashing crescendos.

And more than that it is relevant and of the moment. It speaks of modern romance or at least potential romance, is relatable and real, straight-forward and honest. And that is everything you can ask from a chilled-dance-pop song, isn’t it?

Art isn’t always about epic works and old masters. Sometimes the best art is that which speaks directly to us, which sums up our own lives in artistic soundbites or familiar images, which feels both timeless and of the here and now. Text Me is most definitely all of those things.

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