As well as being a wonderfully euphoric slice of music, this latest single from Monotronic is also quite deft and dexterously put together. There has been a real resurgence of late of music with clear 80s synth-pop vibes but to just associate In Between with that and that alone would be to do it a disservice. I say this because for every old-school early eighties vibe found here there are at least as many forward-thinking, cutting edge clubland creations to match. The result is a band who knows where they come from sonically but much more interestingly exactly where they are going too.

In Between is light on its feet and full of space, all the better to allow the music room to breathe, room to grow, room to rise from the club dancefloor and spiral its way up into the stratosphere. The Digi-grooves and electro-beats, poised pop power and boundless energy mark it out as music of the moment but it is also clear that it is music that was made by standing on the shoulders of giants, pioneering pop giants at that!


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