So many bands ploughing a classic rock furrow for themselves seem only to look to the past. So much so, that to the outsider at least it is a genre seemingly built on past glories, which seems only keen to repackage the halcyon days and trade on nostalgia and familiarity. But surely, the best way to pay tribute to all those great bands that you grew up with is to ensure that their legacy has a future. And you do that by standing on the shoulders of such giants rather than being content to meerly stand. in their shadows.

Dirty Snowman Society is certainly one band to be found up in the rarified air of those giants broad shoulders, wielding a sound which is reminiscent of the genres iconic sound, but, as Snow Blind proves, it is their ability to look to the future too and help write the next chapter which is their real strength.

The opening salvo, Too Much is Never Enough, sets the tone perfectly – masterful riffs, boundless energy, driving backbeats and pulsing basslines, it displays all of the hallmarks which defined the genre in the past but it also sounds totally up to date. Kiss Me or Kill Me blends the swing of rock and roll, with the power and weight of the rock which evolved from it and Say Nothing is a brilliant, stadium-ready, foot on the monitor, fist-in-the-air anthem, laced with arabesque riffs, exotic beats and a wonderful Zeppelin-esque echo.

It is left to Once to show the bands more restrained side, a song which seems to take an older, West Coast sound and add a bit of Colorado grit and mountain swagger.

Dirty Snowman Society is not about resting on classic rocks laurels, they perfectly understand that, no matter what the punks would have you believe, it is evolution not revolution which keeps the music world moving forward. Snow Blind is nothing less than the sound of the evolution of classic rock. Finally!

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