Sink – Tae Zu (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Don’t let the ninja vibe of the name and cover image fool you, Tae Zu hails from El Paso, Texas, a fact which just goes to underline that anyone, musicians and artists especially, are free to build up whatever alter ego around them that they choose. It is to be encouraged and changed often…after all, it didn’t do the likes of David Bowie any harm.

But in many ways, sonically speaking at least, Tae Zu is a bit of a ninja. Sink is a song which is deftly put together. The beats are unpredictable yet beguiling, the music which dances surefootedly above it drifts and washes like the wind and waves and the lyrics deliver the killer blow.

Tae Zu knows that you don’t have to throw everything into a song to drive the point home and it is the space and understatement of the middle ground which allows the beats and lyrical salvos to land so effectively on the listener.

Get in, deliver the song, and get out before anyone has realised what has just hit them. Sounds like a sonic Ninja to me.

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