Moonside – ItsENJ (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Mixing the Afro-pop vibes of their Nigerian upbringing with the more western sonic groove of The Bronx, the place that they now call home, Moonside is a chilled slice of dance music with a taste of the exotic. The song also draws on their experiences of life in both places, particularly their harrowing enforced stay in Nigeria caused by the pandemic lockdown.

Musically it dances gracefully before the listener, easy beats and restrained instrumentation providing the platform for their deft and decisive lyrical salvos.

ItsENJ aka Chimdi & OTITO, aka The DAPPER DUO, have pulled all of those ideas together into a neat video, one that re-enacts scenes and scenarios from their African experience whilst interspersing it with actual footage to draw a wonderful contrast between their old and new life.

Hypnotic in its repetitive lyrical refrain and infectious in its rhythms, Moonside is a perfect sonic slice of chilled dancefloor goodness, one which builds bridges between older worlds and fresh beginnings.

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