Head Fake vs. Dub Fu Masters – Head Fake (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

So much of today’s music seems concerned with trying to create the “new sound”, to build its own zeitgeists to surf or being seen as some sort of musical saviours, it is utterly refreshing when you come across artists that just revels in having fun.

The songs on Head Fake Vs Dub Fu Masters may have seen the light of day before but this time out Head Fake takes a new sonic coat of paint to them. Paint blended from 90’s clubland vibes, 80’s dancefloor sheen, synthy sonics and simple, yet effective beats.

One Step is a wonderful new take on the iconic sound of nightclub past. Trump Funk is about as groovesome and funky, obviously, as you could hope to get and Overjoyed seems to borrow something of the pre-New Romantic sound of the likes of Kraftwerk… if they had managed to cheer up a bit.

A masterful blend of past and present, familiarity and freshness. What more could you ask for?

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