If Only I Knew – Dirty Snowman Society (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Whenever I see the term “classic rock” alarm bells ring inside of me and the reviewing pen gets all jittery. Of course some great music was made under that moniker, they wouldn’t call it classic otherwise would they? But a lot of what gets labelled such in the modern age is quite derivative, happy to plunder past sonic glories and repackage them in the thinnest of musical veneers. But the same can be said of alt-rock. It’s not alternative at all, for the last two decades it has become the norm, the bastion of 5 guys in skinny jeans and  black leather jackets, sporting all the right clothing labels and complicated hair. What you need is rock music which doesn’t worry about such pigeon-holing but which just gets on with the job. The job of rocking out!

Dirty Snowman Society are the men for the job and they are damned good at it. Yes, they let some familiar incendiary riffage and solid four-four grooves do the heavy lifting but they go beyond being merely classic rockers. Into their traditional foot-on-the-monitor mix they add some grunge driven weight and the same blend of melody and mayhem which drove the mid-seventies New York proto-punk scene for those few glorious years before the art school kids got their hands on it. Damn those pesky kids!

Labels have their limits and rock music is such a broad term but why not just do what you do and don’t bother giving it a name? Do that and you may come up with a sound as awesome as these cool Colorado cats!

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