Rare – CatEaters (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

CatEaters might revel in a slightly tongue-in-check image…okay, make that a very silly image…reminiscent of Bad News or Steel Panther…but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have all of the moves and grooves when it comes to the music. Sure, they look like they have fallen into an 80’s hair-metal dressing up box but the music is nothing but spot on. A blend of low-slung punk and roll, glam swagger, gutter anthems and trashy fun. Sometimes that’s all you need, especially the way things are in the world at the moment.

Their latest album, Rare, is a neat roster of fist in the air anthems, foot on the monitor attitudes and throw away, old-school sonic poses. Sure, they aren’t going to change the world but they might make it go away for a while and that’s almost the same as time travel. Especially if you have ever wanted the time machine that could rock up on the Sunset Strip in 1985.

Stand Up and Fight is as infectious and obvious as any Twisted Sister single…in a good way, I Don’t Wanna Be Like You takes on the pop-punk pack and somehow manages to win on points and Go Wild With Us is as great as anything the likes of Faster Pussycat were writing back in the day.

CatEaters are pretty much preaching to the converted, if you like this sort of fun and frantic punky-glam cheese, then you will love it…why wouldn’t you…it lives in the moment, is unburdened by any deep and meaningful messages, is music to party to, music to lose touch with reality to, it’s the sound of a million frat parties….descending into chaos.And if you don’t like this sort of thing, well, I suggest you cheer the fuck up and get with the program.

CatEaters have turned being silly into a serious business.

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