I Don’t Know – Becky Kapell (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If there is one message to learn from Becky Kapell’s music career it is this. It’s never too late to have a go. At the tender age of 42 she picked up her son’s guitar on a whim. Her faltering first attempts turned into basic chords, chords into melodies, melodies into songs and songs turned into an album. Before you know it her simpler folkier beginnings have turned into defter song styles and album number three, In It To Win It, is on the way. I Don’t Know is a taste of what’s to come.

It’s a smart mix of bluesy shuffles and pop groove, something which will catch the ear of the more discerning music listener but which has such an affable and easy vibe that it will appeal to a more mainstream audience too. I Don’t Know is raw and spacious but well designed and smartly put together, rootsy and rugged but with enough polished edges, gentle melodics and a more sophisticated demeanour than words like blues, roots, raw and rugged might initially suggest. Whatever you call it, it is a wonderful sonic signpost for the album to follow. Great stuff!

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