That Certain Ache – Becky Kapell (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

If you are one of those people that remembers a country music scene that wasn’t populated by fake tan and snow-white teeth, and find yourself longing for the return of artists who aren’t  boasting pristine Stetson hats and cowboy boots with clean undersoles, then we might have found the perfect remedy to the Taylor Swift generation.

Step forward Minnesota native Becky Kapell.

Not having picked up a guitar until aged 42, Kapell’s sound is something of a return to the foundation of country music. Her songs contain stories written from her own experience and will relate to an audience that appreciates organic music over the clean post production work found in much of today’s offerings.

The music has a June Carter feel here and there, songs that would suit the Grand Ole Opry with line-dancing-friendly rhythms but sprinkled with an echoing guitar from Paul Bergen and underpinned from impressive drums from Erik Koskinen.

Kapell’s voice holds up well, showing an impressive range, particularly on the final track ‘Just One Thing’ that requires here to hit the low notes but also sees her going up through the register at the chorus.

It’s a step back in time to when music was written and produced by the musicians, when social media ‘likes’ wasn’t a consideration and reminds us that we can find a new direction in life at any age.

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