Inside Me Ten Thousand Men Ten Filthy Curs – The Noise and The Naïve (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

Boasting my favourite album cover of 2019, Newcastle based French punk duo The Noise and The Naïve have pieced together a six-track barrel of sonic explosives, crammed to the brim with powerful drums, catchy guitar riffs and enough attitude to leave you wanting more.

Due to the instruments that make up the bands sound – guitar and drums – along with the vocal tone of singing drummer Anne Langourieux, the band will understandably draw comparisons to White Stripes but guitarist Pauline Jacquey’s playing lifts it into a totally different genre, so think White Stripes but turned up a few notches!

Oh, and maybe throw in some early Arctic Monkeys and you get a feel for the energy on show here.

When there is such a stripped back feel to a bands sound, each component needs to work perfectly, there is nowhere to hide in the mix for an out of place choice, and this is where the album works, it’s clear that the band have spent hours and hours perfecting each break, each change in direction and the songs power along at such a pace but never feels like it’s out of control, the music is driven and guided expertly.

There is also a level of variation too, Langourieux’s drums aren’t restricted to sticks hitting skin or cymbal, rim shots and clever use of added percussion works wonders in giving each song an individual feel.

There is something more going on than a simple crash-bang-wallop punk album, final track ‘Seek Solace’ proves that, at the bands heart, lies a song writing talent that should bring the band to the attention of a much wider audience.

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