River to Row – Jason Chaffee (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is interesting to see Jason Chaffee cite Colin Hay as an influence. It’s not a name that you see pop up very often and he is such an underrated songwriter; reading that brought a smile to my face. I needed that today. And in a song such as River To Flow you can see the sonic connection. A lovely blend of spacious rock moves and folkier grooves, of delicacy and just enough weight being drawn around it to raise it above the acoustica genre but a balancing act which keeps it well away from all of the rock and roll cliches too.

It’s a delight, one laced with neat piano flourishes and chiming acoustic cascades, energetic yet underplayed guitar chords and a straight forward, no nonsense beats. But more than that there is something so infectious about the way the song rises up from is intimate verses and delivers a chorus which dances around the room. 

And although it brims with easy charms and shimmering infectiousness, there is still surprising depth to the lyrics, the titular river seeming to be analogous rather than an actuality, that this is some sort of exorcism for the author, a way of unloading his thoughts but doing so through the creation of a gorgeous and gratifying slice of folk-rock.

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