Taken from Preston Glass’s latest compilation, Love & Compassion Volume 3, Better Than That greets the listener with a message of life-affirming positivity. As the album title unambiguously states, this is a collection of songs about unity, tolerance and acceptance, and writing this review as we watch the results of the presidential election roll in and we all brace for impact for what might follow, who can argue that we could do with more of that in the world.

Terrill Williams’ contribution is a sassy slice of soul, one that speaks its mind, gives us a collective pep talk and just reminds us that we can always do better. A message which again, is something everyone should do well to remember. It’s light, soulful and slightly funky demeanour feels like a modern update on Marvin Gaye’s classic What’s Going On, perhaps in the sonic spirit that it grooves to but certainly in the underlying consciousness that it is imbued with.

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