Love Sick – Mike Comfort (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Mike Comfort has a way with lifting the essence of any number of genres and putting them together to create his unique, signature sound. Love Sick is a mid-paced sonic slice, too energetic to truly be called a ballad, too restrained to rub shoulders with the foot-on-the-monitor rock and roll set yet somehow encompassing the best of both those worlds. Throw in the merest hint of  deft country vibes and a melodic attraction which skirts the borders of more pop territory and you have a song with very broad appeal indeed.

And this more gentle pace really allows you to really appreciate the way that the song works, the intricacy, the precision sonic engineering, just how well built it is. And although it certainly leans in to the rock and roll ethic, its weight comes more from the layering of various instruments and textures, one on the other, rather than merely going for the quick hit or the sucker-punch. This is about poise rather than power.

An unfussy beat, underplayed but resonant guitar lines and some unassuming and excellent depth-charge bass are all that carries the voice along in the first place but it is the clever use of dynamics and composition which make it stand out. As the song heads off towards its logical destination it sometimes soars, sometimes drops back into understatement and pause but the general direction of travel is to supplely and subtly add additional sonics. A plaintive piano occasionally breaks cover and sumptuous guitar lines weave through the proceedings, seeming to draw lines between Nashville skylines and rolling Spanish landscapes.

Somewhere along the line it slips up a gear or two and moves from folky balladry into rock and roll anthemics, but is never showy, never obvious, rather opting to add intricacy and ornateness rather than cranking up the volume.

Love Sick is a lesson in slow-burning, in anticipation, in gradual release. It is a lecture on the adage that all things come to those who wait. Not that you have to wait long, it’s a musical odyssey which checks in at under 4 minutes but seems to have covered more ground in that time than a song twice its length.

Mike Comfort not only knows how to write great songs, he knows how to carry the listener along with him, matching energy with intrigue, infectiousness with integrity. When was the last time you heard a song , or stumbled cross an artist who could juggle all of those aspects so well? Not for a while I’m guessing!

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