Bacitracin – Ed Purchla (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Bacitracin is one of those raggedy records which sits in that odd and wonderful world of the modern troubadour. Purchla is a story-teller, someone who deals with messages and missions, passion and poignancy, who understands the power of emotion and heart-string tugging balladry. Too many people, especially, in the modern age of TV wannabes, style over substance and fast-track fame, aim for perfection, or what they think is perfection, so that the studio, the house band, the producer, the need for conformity, the demographics, the marketing models and the autotune remove every ounce of originality and emotion from everything that they go near.

Ed Purchla is the opposite to all of that. He knows that songs come from the heart not the mixing desk, that raw passion and honest emotion counts for so much more than hitting every note square on, being cute or clever, than polishing his performance to within an inch of its life. The result, Bacitracin, a song about the issues of health care and over the counter drug dependency…I think…is something which rubs sonic shoulders with the likes of Nikki Sudden and perhaps Johnny Thunders acoustic-driven moments, its an even more ragged Stones, its Eliot Smith with sharper edges, Nelson King with a green card, it’s the exact opposite of everything you find in the music industry today – impassioned, raw, brutally direct and with something important to say. And for that reason how can you not love it?

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