Radio Fiction – Dizzy Box Nine (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Anything that comes at you with a jaunty bounce and outsider-indie vibe reminiscent of the mighty Wonder Stuff is more than alright in my book and there is the same sense of fun found driving opening salvo Show Me Everything That You Are. When the band last passed under the pen, with Deep Inside Your Mind, I name-dropped The Cars as an indicator and this full album also echoes with the same New Wave wonderment, the same blend of indie quirk and pop accessibility, Crystal Rae even wandering into the same sonic territory as the iconic Jilted John.

But unlike the aforementioned John, Radio Fiction proves that Dizzy Box Nine have more than one trick up their sleeve and the songs found here wander between the spaced-out, stoner vibes of I Won’t Let You Down and the amphetamine-fuelled rush of I Feel Alright.

Although Dizzy Box Nine certainly tip their hat to indie-pop past, they are also the perfect antidote to the earnest indie bands and humourless pop pap which seems to be stock in trade of the music industry these days.

Remember when pop was fun? Remember when indie was a bit of a laugh? Remember when music mattered? These guys do, that’s for sure.

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