Deep Inside Your Mind – Dizzy Box Nine (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even if the cover wasn’t a giveaway, as soon as you hear Deep Inside Your Mind you are transported back to the 80’s post-punk-pop era, a time of sweet, melodic and hook laden pop-rock, Day-Glo colours and John Hughes film soundtracks…which this could easily have been part of.

Taking inspiration, consciously or otherwise, from bands such as The Cars they employ the same deft blend of pop poise and rock weight which makes the music accessible to both the mainstream pop-pickers and those on the softer edges of the rock world. The song speaks of a band able to make music which is both light and infectious yet stadium ready and anthemic…not in a theatrical and dramatic way but just in a wonderfully sing-along, relatable and party fashion.

Picture this. The sun is going down behind a wide stadium stage, the encore is due and the opening chords of Deep Inside Your Mind ring out, the crowd roars, fists punch the air and the crowd begins to bounce and bop and boogie as one, a final sonic ritual before they disperse into the night.

It will happen.

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