The term “new wave” was much-maligned in some quarters, looked down on by both the punk whirlwind that preceded it and the post-punk elitists who followed. But it was the perfect label for music which was the vehicle for a certain type of edgy and effervescent, buoyant and bright alt-pop, a pop which didn’t take itself too seriously but which delivered the goods. And if that is a definition of New Wave then Dizzy Box Nine would have fit right into that corner of the music scene.

Name is as perfect an opening blast for such an album as you could hope to find, energetic and gently anthemic, Mississippi Rain runs on a hushed hippie vocal vibe and is shot through with spiralling guitars and Miss switches and swerves all over the place, a wonderfully controlled out of control sound.

Dizzy Box Nine is a band slightly out of time. But, because of the circular nature of music, I like to think of them as being ahead of the curve rather than a nod to past glories. Pop and rock music needs to lighten up a bit, both have become so po-faced and full of themselves. Dizzy Box Nine is the perfect antidote.

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