If there is an over-arching element to Jack Nolan’s music, it is that he delivers his sonic creations with a deftness, a lightness of touch and an inherent elegance. Not bad qualities to have. Most artists would be happy to be able to neatly balance and blend elements of folk, country, rock and blues so eloquently or to be able to write songs that have something to say, which carry a certain, everyday, street philosophy in their heart. To be able to do all of those things marks an artist out as something quite special.

Tomorrow Came kicks things off with a fantastic and smoothed edged rock and roll vibe but Nolan quickly proves that he can turn his hand to all manner of sounds and styles.

Faster Than The Speed of Change is a reflective and understated ballad, the sort of thing that Leonard Cohen might have written had he opted not to torture his own soul quite so much and Blue is a slick and sensuous blues workout (natch!)

It’s a great album, one that wanders many pathways but always sounds like Jack Nolan. And that, I guess, is the art of it. Be eclectic but always have enough of yourself woven through the DNA of the song so that the creation always remains connected to the creator. And that is exactly what is going on here.

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