Conjuring up what can only be described as a collection of sonic essence and musical atmospheres rather than music itself, Bleary sets up a drifting and emotive soundscape before driving a beat and some understated rap salvos through the centre of that cool and calming sound. The vocals, both sung and rapped, seem to float above and apart from the haunting sounds below with only the stark beats and a plaintive, sparing piano acting as an anchor keeping the two worlds together.

Sever is a song about loss, about feeling that you have more to give, new heights to scale and being frustrated by the task ahead. But it is also a story of resilience, proof that sometimes you just have to cut loose, stop making excuses and just go for it. Anthemic is not a word that applies to this dark and down-tempo slice of understated hip-hop balladry but the ideas that it carries are the perfect rallying point for anyone looking to make a similar leap of faith.

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