It’s safe to say that Stay Lunar have found their groove, and it is a good groove. Make that a great groove. Whilst so many of their peers are looking back to that much maligned decade…the 80’s…and finding inspiration in the twee-indie and synth-driven landfill pop which seems only to define it in hindsight or for those who weren’t really that into music anyway, Stay Lunar seem to mine a more credible seam. Whilst fashioning music which blips perfectly on the modern musical radar, which is perfect for surfing the current zeitgeist, they seem also, whether they are aware of it or not, to be tapping into the sonic dream worlds which were the hallmarks of the 4AD circle of bands and offering modern take on the neo-psychedelic sound.

But whilst they share some of that scene’s ambient and chilled qualities, there is also something defter, more controlled going on here, where chiming, upbeat guitars rule the roost rather than the druggy sonic waves that would have originally been the signature sound. Lyrically too, they opt for a more direct conversation with the listener rather than the vague, often existential, narrative which was always part of the package.

And the result is a track which shimmers with nostalgic vibes yet is destined to be a firm favourite with today’s pop-picker too. It is light and accessible but full of rich musical textures and hushed tones which make you lean into to the music as if it were a one-on-one conversation. It is built on smart blends of choppy guitars, inter-woven keyboard riffs, understated euphoria…if such a thing is even possible…and, as always, a musical contagion which is the hall mark of all good pop songs. Sorry, I said good again didn’t I? Great. I mean’t great.

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