There is a lot of nodding to the eighties going on these days. That much maligned time has finally shaken off it’s naff crown as the decade with no taste and, with enough distance between us, has now been embraced via shows such as Stranger Things, films like Ready Player One and by a wave of bands  being influenced, consciously or otherwise, by it’s incredibly rich musical crucible. It wasn’t all Olivia Newton John and Go West you know…certainly not for me, for a significant portion of it I was probably stood in a muddy field somewhere wearing a “coal not dole” t-shirt and watching The Icicle Works. But I digress…

Stay Lunar are one of those bands who seem to carry a bit of a torch for the decade, but everything is cyclical, the cultural wheel seems to turn on a 30 year or so cycle, so it is only to be expected that the lush synths waves and perky pop-ness of that era are doing the rounds again. But Stay Lunar are certainly a band of their own time too, weaving cool modernity and soulful indie grooves through the musical landscape that they create. There is a glossiness to their music, not only from proper production but through the way they wield their instruments. The guitar sticks to its melodic brief allowing keys to wash through creating a lush, shimmering sheen whilst the rhythm section make deft and understated choices and just serve the song.

They are also a wonderfully literate band, in a down to earth and slightly romantic sort of way, and the result is a bit like if The Lilac Time had been hot on dance remixes or perhaps St Etienne had favoured guitars a bit more. Dreaming That I’m Not In Love is just another great rung up the ladder for the band and shows their ability to mix underground cool with mainstream poise. And that, is the perfect place to be if you ask me. And as you have read this far, you kind of did.

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