Sorry – Charlotte Grayson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I think it would be very easy for Charlotte Grayson, given her age and the pressure to fit into the young pop kid mould – as dictated by those in the ivory towers of the music industry – to have taken a different route. Perhaps a brasher, more obvious, shallower one. No-one would judge her and it would be seen by many as just playing the game to her best advantge. But thankfully she has, across a run of neat singles, made some smarter choices about who she is and what her sound should be. And far from turning into a run of the mill, production line pop-tart (read that any way you like) she has laid down the foundations for a path built on integrity. In short, she makes music for the long haul rather than the quick hit.

Sorry is just another example of this. A sultry, half-speed pop tune, one which sways seductively with R&B sass, is infused with latin riffs and which kicks in to a real groover when it chooses. It’s still a young girl singing about young girl things and totally relevant to others of her ilk, but where she plays her winning hand is the fact that her music also brims with enough maturity that it appeals to everyone else too.

There is probably some adage or folk saying about being yourself and honesty being the best policy that I should drop in at this point but then again, she’s the smart one, not me, so I will just point in her direct and say, “go listen.” Well, go on, what are you waiting for?

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