We have had lots of music born of the lockdown experience over the last year. Naturally. But now, as the rough shape of what the new normal might look like is beginning to make itself known, our thoughts, also, quite naturally, turn to how we might transition from the isolation of the last year and begin to navigate our way through the post-lockdown world which lies before us.

And it is that feeling of uncertainty that lies at the lyrical heart of the latest single from Stay Lunar. It’s about control…or more correctly… the lack of it. It is about being impatient to embrace a more normal future but understanding that the return of that normality is also totally out of our control. It is about acknowledging that all you can do is make the most of the now and hope for the best for the future.

As always, even when talking about such difficult subjects, Stay Lunar makes music that acts as a wonderful contrast to such chilling thoughts. On top of a solid bass groove that grounds the song, they hang chiming swathes of guitar and shimmering synth washes and they effortlessly build warm atmospherics in the gaps between the chords. Immediately creates brilliant contrast and counterpoint between the choppy vertical guitars and the horizontal planes of synth, between the spacious beats and the consistency of the bass, between the poignancy of the lyrics and the playfulness of the music.

Immediately is a song that musically helps us relax, let off steam and embrace the fact that things are slowly changing for the better yet lyrically reminds us that we still might have a long way to go. When did pop music get so smart?

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