Hurricane walks a smart and fairly fine line between the traditional traits of more rootsy styles and the easy accessibility of a pop mindset. Not pop in sound, pop in that the song has an immediacy, an accessibility, an addictiveness which isn’t often found in the more discerning genres of folk, blues and Americana which the band looks to for its core sounds.

And it is that ability to write music which sounds like an old favourite right from the first play whilst never compromising to modern musical fad or current sonic fashion which makes Hurricane such a smart move. Considering the lyrics come on like a cry for help, the song is buoyant and boogie-some, warm and welcoming. 

Perhaps this highlights the problem with a lot of the roots genres, they are too busy trying to act earnest and worldly that they forget to entertain and engage. Hurricane is the best of both worlds. It has integrity by the bucketload, has lyrical smarts and the playing is exquisite, but often the listener just wants something to boogie around to, to enjoy and have fun too. Hurricane gives you all of that too….and then some.

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