With the album Ride The Wave, Jay Elle proved that he was as at home with the full-blown rock vibe as he was with more rootsy sounds. Here, he takes on the pop world and the results are great. Miss Mess is a pop song for sure, one that chimes with sweet and addictive vibes, pulsing pop beats and easy and accessible lyrics, but it is still a world away from most of the sounds and songs that you associate the genre with, especially in the modern age.

I’m not saying that it seems smarter than your average pop song…actually, I am saying that. It is wonderfully subdued, effective yet understated, but the liquid beats and the ebb and flow of the musical tones and textures are quietly addictive. In fact, it is not whilst listening to the song that you realise just how good it is, it is when it is still playing in your head in an hour’s time, in a day’s time, in a week’s time. I think that is what they call an earworm!


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