It’s been a while since Jay Elle emerged from the towering stacks of new music to be reviewed on my desk but I remember the ep last time around, Rising Tide, being a great collection of songs which blended accessible pop spirit and a more rootsy approach to instrumentation and delivery. And it would seem that he’s back doing it again on the evidence of Ease Up, the opening song from an EP of the same name.

As always, his music sits in a place that is both easy to identify but hard to pigeon-hole. By that I mean that you can see the musical building blocks that he uses, sweet country vibes, pop sensibility and groove, indie cool and folky dexterity but the end result makes for something that doesn’t quite perfectly fit in any one of them. Which is just how it should be, who wants music that sits neatly into pre-determined boxes when you can have music happy to wander about outside (put within earshot) of the boxes? Exactly!

And that is the charm of Ease Up in particular and Jay’s music in general, it is easy to see where it comes from, who it looks to for inspiration, but the art, as always, is using those touchstones to create something new, fresh and exciting but still familiar and accessible. It’s a skill that Jay Elle continues to remind us that he has in no small supply.

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