jay-elle-coverA lot of music has an immediate element, something that hooks you as listener; it might be a chorus, an infectious riff, a beat or a rhythmic groove. From the first few bars of the titular opening salvo it is Jay’s voice that opens the door and beckons you to come in. It is great to come across a vocal that subverts the industry standard template and offers something individual, something that hasn’t come from the production line. It is a rich, deep, resonant offering that matches the same sultry tones of Bryan Ferry with a slick and soulful urban folk delivery.

This vibe runs through the first two songs lulling you into a slightly false sense of security. You Got Away then up’s the dynamic and heads into a more melodic rock territory and I can’t help thinking that this is a long lost John Waites track, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing I guess.

By the time All Through The Night Comes along we are into some serious anthemic rock territory and final song Way Down The Road continues in a similar vein.

It is a mixed bag generically speaking and whilst the rock end of the spectrum is big and clever, slickly produced and full of accessible hooks, I can’t help thinking that it is with the opening brace of songs that the truly original hand is played.

That said it is a great showcase of what Jay can do, the songs are all effective, offer alternate takes on where his immediate market might lay and definitely marks him as someone to look out for. Whether you want a late night, soothing, back room balladeer or a fist in the air anthem wielding rocker it’s all here, so his next move is going to be one that is viewed with great interest.

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